Tadlow Totter, Cambridgeshire.

A church micro was our first stop today. There was a lot of information to obtain but once the numbers were found and crunched and after a very short search, ‘The Man’ found the cache.

After checking out the church and nearby wildlife, including a horse with a very fine moustache, we continued on our route.

In total we found all the caches we looked for except one which was obviously very disappointing.

Our next stop involved looking for one cache we’d previously looked for and hadn’t found. When checking the logs, the last cacher had found it recently – so, after much searching, we did find it but at the bottom of a ditch surrounded and covered with brambles. Luckily ‘The Man’ managed to get the other side of the ditch and he fished it out. It was worth it to find a beautiful babushka doll (slightly muddy) but beautiful. After this we did a few drive-by caches where we found this odd ‘Laddletown’ installation made by the local guide group. Bizarre.

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