Hello and welcome.

This is the official blog page for two Hertfordshire based geocachers (a father and daughter duo) who have been out walking in the countryside, enjoying nature and geocaching since 2014.

This blog’s aim is to record our geocaching adventures – we will record our finds (and also our DNFs), show you some enjoyable circuits and to showcase some excellent nature discoveries.  There may be some spoilers so be warned…

If you don’t know what Geocaching is, you are seriously missing out! Check out the official website and join us on a global treasure hunt. http://www.Geocaching.Com

Thanks for checking out our blog.


One thought

  1. I hope when you return to Peterborough you can come find our unique Geocaches in Helpston starting somewhere near here Helpston Hippo 🦛 GC897WQ Then round towards Hollywood 🎥 and Heights


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