Weston puzzle series

I got in at 1.30am last night, from a 70th birthday party! I’ve got to admit that I was tired this morning but this was no excuse not to get out and about in the glorious sunshine. 

My geocaching partner and I headed out in the car and parked at the church in Weston- we could not have parked any nearer to the first cache: it was literally by the back wheel of our car! 

After a short walk across a field we came to our first cache.  This was unobtrusively attached to the back of a post and required some logical thinking. We solved it in the end and the cache literally ‘popped out’. 

The next cache was a puzzle one with a number lock on it. It required you to find the number by putting a stick through a wheel lock to find the number (I felt like Alan Turing with a primative Enigma machine). We solved it and I managed to drop off a travel bug here too.

The next cache was high in a tree and you had to work out how to get it down from there. I left my partner doing this as I watched a cute, rural fox trotting across the field.

Next came a cool ammo can with a padlock. This looked very straightforward but obviously, (in best geocaching puzzle tradition) it wasn’t; we cracked it in the end though. 

Beyond this was a cache hidden under a huge tree, then another puzzle box (which this time seemed to be in full view of a biker meet at a pub). We had to move in under stealth and move the cache to a secluded spot to solve it. 

Next we took a route across the field to find a cache attached to a gate. This blended in really well.

This was followed by a cache under a tree where I picked up another travel bug to move on 😍 its goal is to go to Antartica! 

A trek uphill across a field brought us to a camo bag under a tree. We saw a lovely ,but battered, butterfly here feeding on the dandylions.

The next cache was amazing and I bow down & salute the man who made it. It was a puzzle cache with a carved, wooden stick inside which you had to twist & pull & push to navigate the puzzle and find the log 

Ingenuity and a lot of trial and error resulted in success! Eventually! 

The last cache was in a secluded spot attached to a tree. It looked like a bird box – We knew the cache was inside but for the life of me I couldn’t work out how to get to it. Luckily my dad worked this one out! 

It was then a short walk back to the car and an end to our adventure however we both decided we needed more ‘nature’ time so we hotfooted it to the RSPB reserve at Rye House for a spot of sitting in the sun! We even treated ourselves to locally produce icecream which was yummy.

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