Steeple Morden Shuffle, Hertfordshire

We managed to park up off- road very close to our first cache of the day. This was a quick find hidden in a tree.

We then crossed the road to find a solitary cache hidden under a stone, before turning left down a footpath and along the side of a field. These caches came fairly thick and fast and I even discovered a travelbug.

We then headed across a field with some beautiful flowers and insects like this Thick Legged Flower Beetle.

And this scary looking bug (most likely a female Ichneumon wasp).

We then walked along a road through a few cottages and came upon a cache hidden in an old and disused telephone box.

We also saw some interesting wind veins.

We continued our walk passed an old, disused and frankly scary-looking house with wattle and daub walls,

We then headed along a track where I spotted these mating ladybirds.

At this point we had to make a decision – whether to continue on The Steeple Morden Shuffle or whether to detour to grab a few more caches on a separate series- we decided to detour (but I’ll go through this in a separate post).

In total we found all of the caches we looked for on this circuit.

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