Orwell Orbital, Cambridgeshire

The day started with a puzzle cache pertaining to a local clunch pit. clunch is a mined material used for building.

After ‘The Man’ did the maths, the cache was soon in hand. We walked out of a gate and accepts grass to the actual clunch pit which was very impressive.

The pit also had an Earth cache attached which used information from the information board.

The whole circuit took in open farmed fields, woodland and pathways and the weather was beautiful.

‘The Man’ was very successful in finding the caches.

Including this one, which was guarded by a sleepy moth which refused to move even when I opened it.

I managed to open it, extract the log, sign it and replace the log without the moth even moving. I set him back down to continue his sleep.

We were successful and found the next few caches easily…

We then moved on to undertake a church micro. The church itself was very interesting with historical graffiti carved into the church walls.

And these amazing statues of the apostles.

After solving the puzzle we walked down a lane and the cache was soon found.

Throughout the day we also found many trees covered in these very small sweet plums and we ate our fill.

We then came to a ‘little bridges’ cache which we hadn’t read properly ( as we’d downloaded a list) so spent ages looking for it without any luck. Eventually I read the actual description and with a short walk and use of a compass we were in business and were able to log it!

Whilst looking I spotted this yellow legged wasp.

We had to cut the circuit short as my feet were getting painful and we had one DNF.

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