Clearing up in Cambridgeshire.

We’ve been completing some of Ryo62’s circuits in Cambridgeshire, and solving some of the puzzle caches in the local area, so today we decided to head up to Cambridgeshire to clear up a few of our as yet unfound caches. First up was a multi cache on a village sign cache which the man soon found.

On route to our next cache I spotted a ‘little bridges’ cache on the map which just had to be done. We took a little detour and parked up and after a quick furtle it was soon found.

Next up was a cache by a millennium marker.

Then another quick find multi cache.

This cleared up all the caches in Meldreth.

As ‘The Man’ is on a mission to complete more ‘little Bridges’ caches, when we spotted another one on the map we had to go for it!

Next up we headed to Shepworth L-Moor to complete a small circuit there. These were all quickly found.

After completing all these caches it cleared up this little area in Shepreth.

After all this caching, we thought we deserved a reward, so we headed to a very cute, nearby tea room to have some coffee and cake. Their website is here I can definitely recommend the Victoria Sponge cake.

This place had a great garden and was dog friendly 🐶 always a plus point in my book!

After this we headed to Barrington to complete the last few caches of the Orwell Orbit which we had missed off last time. Again these were all fairly quick finds.

Then we drove to Foxton to complete our fifth ‘Little Bridge’ of the day.

Finally we headed to Haslingfield to complete a little line of caches which luckily for us was down a shady tree lined path.

This was supposed to be our last cache of the day as it was very hot and we needed to head home, however I spotted two more caches off a road and then a footpath near Haslingfield so these just had to also be done. One was an ammo stash cache.

And the other was in sight of one of the nearby radio telescopes

On the way home we spotted some more caches near Halton and we did these too.

All in all, and despite the heat, we had a great day and the area is looking much more respectful.

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