Kneesworth Koncker, Cambridgeshire

Starting out early, we managed to park right next to cache number one but upon reaching the location, I was dismayed to discover the last log was a DNF so I wasn’t all the hopeful, however after a quick search the cache was located, logged and replaced.

The next couple of caches were also quickly found and then we walked along a lovely, long, long tree-lined pathway to the next couple of caches.

The next part of the circuit was along a pathway besides a field of crops and edging it was a lovely strip of wild flowers.

The next few caches were carefully hidden in the trees which edged the field.

These trees also hid a water-filled quarry which was surprisingly beautiful.

After a short walk along a road we discovered the next few caches.

Then watched a vintage aeroplane pass overhead.

This completed the Kneesworth Koncker.

After this we completed a few ‘cache and dash’ drive-by caches and some puzzle caches which we had solved previously.

The weather stayed warm and sunny and we found all the caches we looked for.

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