‘Dancing on their Graves’: Angel, London.

Last week we visited London to see ‘The Signalman’ at The Red Lion Theatre. Whilst there, and after grabbing a very cool coffin-shaped church-micro, ‘The Man’ spotted this cool multi-cache which we trotted off to find.

In the small park here are the graves of Joseph Grimaldi (the inventor of the white face makeup for clowns) and Henry Penton (whose name graces the local area). In 2010, an artist (Henry Krokatsis) was commissioned to make public artwork to commemorate Grimaldi by. He came up with these bronze gravestones which chime as you jump on them. 

After getting my sister to ‘dance on the graves’…

…I was none the wiser, so took the footage home to review. After clapping the rhythm of the musical notation I had an idea for a song, I checked the maths and got the coordinates, so went back today for a very quick find.

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