Doing the ‘Langford Walk’, Bedfordshire

I woke up this morning to thick fog but this did not stop my geocaching plans. ‘The Man’ and I headed out early to grab a quick cache and dash at the Langford Water Tower (where I picked up a travel bug and gained the Hello 2020 souvenir), then after this it was a short drive into Langford itself where we parked and headed off through the (very) muddy fields.

The last cache we found on this circuit had been ‘muggled’ 😡 I spotted the paper log first then, ten meters away found the lid of the container then the container itself. We signed and replaced it where we thought it should have been.

After completing these we drove to attempt three Jigidi puzzle caches I had completed last night. All were found relatively easily with help from a very friendly and inquisitive horse.

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