Geocaching around King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

The current Covid 19 virus scare is very worrying. At the time of writing there are currently only two viable courses of action. Stay home and self-isolate or get out in the countryside, away from other people and geocache. Obviously I’ve chosen the later course of action.

We started this weekend by completing the ‘People of the Bible’ series (I knew my MA in Religious Education would prove useful at some point!). This was a series of puzzle based around some famous and some lesser known characters from the Bible. The caches were all hidden to be found and came in a variety of containers.

My favourite part of the walk was when we sat on a bench to a fix some geocaching-wounds (my plasters are stored in a very apt container) and whilst we were there we saw our first human who drove past in a car. He slowed down, smiled and said out of his window that it was the first time in over forty years he’d ever seen anyone having a picnic on the bench.

After completing this series we headed to Hilgay to grab a couple of puzzle caches I had solved. Then we went on to grab a couple of church micros and village signs in Fordham, Denver and West Dereham.

The next day we tackled the Fincham Fiddle (all found no problem) then the following day, despite the weather, we even managed to grab a few puzzle caches. One cache had swollen in the rain which caused us no end of problems and another was a mystery cache which involved us walking in the rain and getting down under a bridge – all good fun.

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