One in a Minion Series Ashwell, Hertfordshire.

This is a huge circuit of 107 Mystery caches which between us, ‘The Man’ and I have solved. Today we decided to tackle some of them, whilst grabbing a few other random caches in the local area.

We managed to grab a parking space close to a couple of caches which were in totally different directions so we split up to grab them, then reunited and set off. It was sunny but not too hot and it was a really lovely walk with the usual compliment of insects, farm animals, wild flowers and amazing views.

One of the mystery caches we found was a fairly large box which had four travel bugs in it – always a bonus. We discovered them all but were really good and only took one each. In one of the caches today, I also discovered my first ever Pathtag which was exciting. I’ve logged it and decided to keep it.

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