‘MattTom’s Loop’, Potter’s Green, Hertfordshire.

The last email blog I received from Groundspeak had a feature entitled ‘Tips to make a muggle a geocacher’ so, challenge accepted; our Sunday, socially-distanced, family walk became a challenge to turn my lovely, muggle, sister into a full blown geocacher.

The loop we undertook (MattTom’s Loop) was about 4.5 miles over varied terrain. We saw lots of wildlife; a herd of deer, rabbits, kites, cows, goats, sheep, a horse and varied insect life. The weather was nice, mild enough to walk without a jacket at times and, despite a couple of short-lived, heavy showers, we managed to have a mini picnic on the grass.

One of the coolest things (spotted by my muggle sister) was a jewelled cuckoo wasp also known as a ruby tailed wasp. It moved quickly but we did manage to get a clear photograph. We also spotted a ‘robin’s pin cushion’ caused by a gall wasp. My sister also found one of the caches but her transformation into full blown cacher is still, very much, a work in progress.

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