West Harling Walk, Norfolk.

With ‘The Muggle Queen’ in toe, we headed to West Harling on very hot day. We parked the car and started at number one.

We found most of these lower numbered West Harling caches and we spotted a cute baby slow worm under a piece of camouflage and a beautiful toad.

We also took a slight detour off our planned route and headed to a Safari Smile cache (Stick with it), which we had failed to find previously. We looked and searched then looked some more and were getting quite frustrated; we were thinking of moving on when I fortunately spotted it on the floor. We signed it and duly replaced it – but eagle-eyed Hertfordshireboy had spotted that the last people to have signed the log we’re not the last people to have logged it. Being a Virgo, he couldn’t leave it like that, so he searched some more and managed to also find the replacement cache.

We then headed off to do some a few Church micro caches before having some chips and a couple of very cold drinks, before heading home.

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