MattTom’s Wood End Wander, Hertfordshire.

We did this great circuit over a few days. The walk took us through farmland, open fields, woodland and country lanes and it consisted of 50 caches including three tree climbs which ‘The Man’ ascended no problem. We did have to go back to rectify a couple of DNFs but we managed to get several FTF in the process!

We had some difficulty with a few of these caches as the co-ordinates appeared to be incorrect. We searched for one cache for ages before giving up and walking back, when I got lucky – I just happened to glance and spot what I thought looked suspiciously like a cache and it was. By using logic and assuming the next one was a similar number of meters out we found a second one.

We even discovered a new path tag (I have four now) and a new skull for my ossuary.

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