Cheshunt Park.

Sunday morning: I had arranged to meet my dad (and co-incidentally also my Geocaching partner) for a relaxing breakfast in a local café.  Post breakfast we noticed the geocaching emails arrive and, since they were very local to us (in a park I spent lots of happy hours in as a child), we decided to head there to look to see if we could get a FTF.

Since I had not intended to go caching, I was totally inappropriately dressed for the occasion, (think fabric skater shoes, cropped trousers, lightweight jumper, nice coat) you get the picture. The shoes, once black, soon became brown and sodden in mud before we had even reached the first cache. My ankles soon had the attractive tell-tale welts from stinging nettles.

The first cache we attempted was Billy Goats Gruff. From the clue and location we knew where to look but we had no luck. We did however walk into another cacher (WesleyKen) who has set a few very tricky ones local to us. We all had a look but nothing.

 We then moved on to the next cache, this one’s clue was “if you see something out of place pull it”. We looked for ages but saw nothing, then Hertfordshireboy saw the tell-tale keyring, one pull and the cache was ours!Hot on this success we moved to the next  location, Hertfordshireboy found this one no problem whilst I was still negotiating the swamp!

The next one was a relatively easy find too.

At the next cache we met another group  of catchers who identified themselves as MillBarn. We all looked and eventually Hertfordshireboy (who was on geocaching fire today) found it again. Cue a team photo.

The next few came thick and fast.  A nano on a sign by a pond.

A cache in a hole under a tree and a nano on a bench.

The last one was down Candlestick Alley and was a nano on a sign.

It was the time to head back to Billy Goats Gruff  for one last look but I’m sad to report we had to log a DNF as did three other Geocachers. ☹️

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