Collingham: The Bingo Series.

Having completed part of this series before, and having previously, thoroughly-enjoyed the creativity of the caches, we came back to complete some some more.  We started this time at number 42 – What else To do? After deciding I couldn’t reach this, I sent ‘The Man’ back round to go and retrieve it. After quickly finding it and logging it, we moved on.

The next cache was well hidden in a small log. Signs of Spring were very evident too everything was coming into bud.

The next cache was a bloody, decapitated, platic foot whilst the next was hidden under a fallen signpost. We found it and lots of black millipedes! 

Nextcame a diamond encrusted cache, very me daaarling! Then came another foot (this time smaller and pinker) followed by a very cleverly hidden cache in a log, it was virtually undetectable but my geocaching eyes spotted something not quite right. Hence two photos for this cache; the found one and the ‘in-situ’. Next was a rubber snake, a bit broken but still presentable, followed by one hidden in a piece of wood.

  Next was a very well hidden cache (I gave it a favourite point). It was a pipe hidden behind a bus shelter and it blended in really well. After finding it we walked a long an alleyway and found a perfect spot for a quick snack (coffee, clementine and a cereal bar), I served whilst The Man went in search of the cache, which was hidden in a shoe.

After the refreshment stop we came across a cache hidden in a natural branch space, then a dangling cache, which was The Man’s 1,000th cache! 

The next cache threw me completely, the clue was ‘Don’t Bee Late’ I spent ages looking round the base of a pylon, which had yellow and black plastic masking its legs, whilst ‘The Man’ looked in the right place. 

The next cache was fantastic for a horror fiend like myself, it was a skull. Cue Hamlet speeches from ‘The Man’!

Next was a hidden Tupperware container, then a butterfly, then a mini football. Lastly was a pull-down cache which I think was broken as there was no obvious log to sign.
We walked some more and crossed over a railway line, it was a goods train so ‘The Man’ was in his element.     

Here I noticed piles of rocks placed on the fence posts and immediately The Blair Witch Project came to mind! We found the next cache easily, a pair of pine cones, but then as we walked away, I noticed a decomposed bird carcas in a bush; definitely Blair Witch

The last one we found was hidden in a bird house, then we had a long walk back to the car…in the rain.   

I then checked my account to find I was on 999 caches! By this time it was raining heavily, we got back to the cat then quickly drove to the nearby station so I could bag my thousandth cache! 

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