Hatley Saint George, Cambridgeshire.

Today I made an error of judgement. 

On Friday evening, myself and a friend completed a 15km night walk. We are both competitive and wanted to complete it in a decent time. We finished in 2 hours & 22 minutes and we came in the top 15.  The next morning I seriously ached: I had a serious case of DOMS probably from the sprint finish over the last 300 meters!

I’m not one for laying around however and so went into London for a walk / hobble round Shoreditch and Hoxton, then today I went geocaching in Hatley Saint George in Cambridgeshire…and I struggled!

After parking the car, we came across this view.  Fabulous.We then headed down a track to start out circuit. 

The weather was amazing and we found a few caches before my legs finally gave up!So instead of my usual write up, here is a picture showing some of the amazing nature we saw.Hopefully the aches will go soon, normal service will be resumed  and I’ll be back up to full geocaching fitness.

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