Wareham Forest and Woolsbarrow Fort.

Today was a very poor caching experience to be honest. This is the only cache we found, hidden behind a tree, under some bark, about 200 meters from where we left the car!Despite this, and even though we got a bit lost and added more distance to our walk, the route was fairly interesting. It started along a track then headed up to an Iron Age hill fort. Unlike most hill forts, this one is on a low hillock rising up from the wet marsh and heathland behind Poole Harbour.We then walked along a track which forked and headed towards a lovely lake.Unfortunately this lake area was also the location for the second geocache, but a group consisting of three woman, three very big dogs and about eight children were picnicking right on its GZ! Very annoying! 😡

Disheartened we walked back stopping to admire the rhododendron bushes and other plant life.The only nature we actually saw was this rather cute beetle.

So we headed back into Wareham and consoled ourselves with the grand prize – a Dorset cream tea.

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