Grüß Gott :  Geocaching in Austria

The Summer holiday is here and the Man and I have travelled to St. Johann in Austria for a summer break. 

The very first leaflet I perused over breakfast this morning contained this exciting information!

So after a few cups of strong black coffee we headed off. It would have been rude not to!  The weather was ideal for caching not too hot but warm enough and we were soon underway.  

The man cleverly found the first cache by heading under a bridge.

I, on the other hand, was both equally fascinated and horrified that a colony of wasps had made their home inside a metal railing! 

The next cache we found was concealed in another beautiful bridge: Whilst the man was looking underneath it, I did some clever DIY!

The scenery was really pretty in this area. A river, surrounded by trees and mountains. It was very picturesque.

At the next location, I tried desperately to photograph a pretty blue butterfly, but it was quite skittish, so here are my best shots! They won’t win any prizes!

It was here at this location that the man braved the icy cold waters and waded in. Soon the cache was in hand.

The nature round this area was lovely. Here’s is a montage of some berries! 

And a big juicy Roman snail!

We did find the geocache that this snail was guarding.

Plus we saw these mating insects.

All in all it was a good walk and a good days caching. I even got a new souvenir as well.

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