Collingham, Newark

My overwhelming memory of this day was the corn ‘creaking’ in the sunlight. I’d never heard this sound before, and I was amazed at the noise it made: It looked pretty awesome too, laid out, lovingly in rows.

Anyhow, onto the matter in hand; the caching. We had undertaken some of this series before, so we knew what to expect. It’s always interesting to find a variety of containers, and this series is great for that. The man was happy to find this one.

There were caches in bricks, in plastic containers and in ‘other’ containers and even one we had to ‘fish’ for!

In addition to finding the hidden goods, my favourite thing about Geocaching is the natural phenomena you find and see along the way.  

I saw something that looked too big to be a solitary butterfly even though it flew just like one. When it landed, I managed to capture a photograph. It was two matting butterflies, looking like a reflection! This photo does not do do it justice.

This day was also full of beautiful dragonflies, one of which kept pace with us, flying for a considerable time above my head (‘The Man’ thinks it was attracted by my purple tee-shirt : personally I think it was my sparkling wit, good looks and charm! 😏). 

Anyhow, we ticked off a fair few more in this area and I am sure we’ll be back at some point to complete the rest.

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