Corby- Bullwick (Peterborough)

The day started for me at about 5.20am! I’ve recently taking up running and needed to fit in a cheeky 5k before breakfast…so I did!

I’m slow but getting stronger, fitter &better 😊.

Once out of the cold, and showered and changed it was breakfast time.  Then off to cache.

We headed to our destination. The day was beautiful: sunny but freezing cold – a typical Autumn morning.


Throughout the day we saw many red kites, a dead badger & lovely Autumnal colours.

We got quite a few caches cleared but the weather began to ‘close in’. We took shelter in a cosy farm out-building and had a coffee to warm up (expertly served up by ‘The Man’).

After taking a few photos for perspective…

We continued on our way. It then bucketted down! So we decided to cut our losses and head for the car. The problem was, the car was up a very steady 4K incline!

We made it back, completely soaked but fine. We will be back to clear the series.

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