Back to Bulwick!

My last few posts have been very brief (mainly because I forget to write them up at the time and end up doing them months afterwards) but today I’m being good and writing them up the day I get back! 👏👏

So today we headed to Bulwick to complete a circuit we had started previously: We had to end it prematurely last time due to torrential rain but today the weather Gods were smiling on us.

We started in the village in Bulwick and headed past the church yard.

We had some trouble with the app not working and so headed across a muddy field only to get to the other side to discover we were heading the wrong way! Cue matching back across the field…

Eventually the app started working again and we came across a gruesome sight, looked like the remains left by hare coursers! 

We found a cute fairy door which we though signalled where the cache was…

…but we were wrong -it was in a totally different tree about 20 meters away!

There were some interesting signs on this walk…

…and The Man was having a lovely day!

He even did his civic duty by putting this sign back up, hilariously he asked me why he thought there was a sign (he hadn’t looked behind him)

We then came a cross a dead bird hanging on a tree which was a bit ‘Blair Witch’ before we stumbled across a whole herd of wild deer.  Initially we thought there were about 50 but upon walking further up the field we estimated there were over 200 including a pure white one (a white Hart!). This is a rubbish photograph but you can see the sheer number of animals!

We completed the circuit with only one dreaded DNF and headed back alone the road to grab a few more and to drop off this cute travel bug I’d had for a while.

All in all we had a great day out and clocked up a fair few smiley faces.

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