North Harling (Norfolk)

The day started well as we set off to find the area we wanted to park in. After driving down a very narrow, muddy track we stopped to check our location and realised we were a fair way off from where we wanted to be! Never mind, we turned the car round and drove back, but not before stopping off to find this scary, little fella. 

After a short drive (and another drive by cache in a lay-by) we got to where we wanted to be and headed off into the woods.

The caches were all well thought-out. My favourite was one twelve foot up but with no climbing involved.

We also found some very cool, well constructed structures throughout the woods.

The day was lovely with spring definitely in the air. The baby lambs were so cute: curious whilst keeping one eye on their mum!

We then found this rather poignant  monument stone in the woods.

And this rather lovely church which was open and also provided a good coffee & cake stop.

In one cache I then came across this rather unusual card – one side was written in English and in the other side Russian. I had to google Astana (which is apparently in Kazakhstan in case you were wondering).

Then I spotted this rather lovely yet ghostly, filigree leaf Skelton. 

We found every cache we looked for:

And we grabbed this cool one on the way home.

All in all a good little series. We will deginetly be coming back soon.

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