Knettishall Health (Suffolk)

After a day & night spent in Norwich, where we drank several beers. Some local…

Some from Belgium,

…and ate an amazing dinner finished with a fabulous cheeseboard…

…We headed off to Knettishall Heath. 
The first cache was found by the gate. I say ‘found’ as initially there was a deep panic as we had no signal at all here. Luckily ‘The Man’s’ IPad worked (thank God he had saved an offline list). 

The next cache was cleverly disguised in a silver birch stump. I saw something unusual, had a feel and there it was. The log was quickly signed and replaced.

The next few caches came thick and fast, all except one which I found, touched and even moved & examined before discounting and looking at some broken fishing wire, I then investigated several other trees before Hertfordshireboy triumphed.  Yes I’m an idiot!

We discovered a lovely cinnabar moth here who happily posed for photographs.

The next cache was one of my favourites – given purely for its cuteness value.

Told you it was cute!

Next came a tricky one. We found it easily enough but it had an added twist: To find the log you had to search again! We worked for this one!

The next one I saw from afar but again you had to work for it. Or rather, I worked for it whilst ‘The Man’ retrieved it.

We eventually got it watched by a beautiful, wild pony.

Here are a few more of the great and ver original caches we found.

By this point we were flagging slightly so it was back to the car for coffee & a geosnack but not before seeing a grey Patridge and some hatched eggs.

We found a few more  interesting nature finds…

But the best thing for me came towards the end of the day. As we’d walked round we’d lifted several correlated iron panels but had seen nothing. Then towards then end of the day we lifted one and saw…

Two beautiful slow worms. 😍

We looked for two more caches then came accross another corrugated iron panel which we lifted to find…

Two slow worms, a grass snake a mouse! The mouse is blurry as a millisecond after this it dashed off hotly pursued by the snake!

Here is a closer shot!

All in all this was a top caching location. Thoroughly recommended as a place to go, obviously for the caches but also for the nature we found. We will be back at some point.

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    1. Sorry for the late response I have been away in Denmark (only managed one cache there and no country souvenir) – its a great area isn’t it. Very nice to walk and cac


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