Bayford Wander

The Bayford Wander started with a quick visit to the local church which was very interesting (plus we grabbed a church micro 😊) then we headed off for one cache in the village then onto The Wander…

Initially we took a wrong turn and tried to walk around the local cricket pitch – we soon realised our mistake and headed backwards where we found the correct path.

Most of the caches were 35ml tubes and camera film canisters…

… and the circuit took us across the grounds of one of the university of Hertfordshire’s campus which was cool but at the same time a little bit scary – the signage didn’t help! 😉

The day was glorious, with bright sun and clear blue skies.

We even had a heaven sent clue to where one of the caches was hidden with an ‘X marks the spot’ or in this case, an arrow in the sky!

The final stretch of the circuit ran along a footpath which looked like an ancient hallow road.

The last cache of the day proved impossible. The clues were fine, the co-ordinates seemed fine but we did not find it – dispute others finding it 😡 we searched for ages (undisturbed) but no luck. The only things of interest were resin seeping from a tree – (future amber?)

We also found this beautiful bloom made, I believe, by a parasitic wasp.

Still we found a good few caches and dispute one DNF we were happy with other totals.

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