Roydon Wander

The sumner holidays are nearing their end and so ‘The Man’ and I decided to complete another circuit close to home.

After a short drive we found ourselves parked near Roydon Mill in Hertfordshire and we headed off to start the circuit. The caches were hidden to be discovered and were a real mixture,

but the real beauty of this circuit are the views and beautiful surroundings. The circuit begins by the canal, which when we walked it, had many barges moored up.

The circuit then heads along a river to the glorious Lake Faba,

Here we disturbed a herd of grazing cows who seemed mystified as to what we were up to.

One of the real bonuses for me of this circuit was the brambles and wild plums that we found. A few were soon collected to bring home and later I spiced them with cinnamon and turned them into desert. Delicious!

The walk then headed back along the other side of the lake,

Which was brimming with wildlife,

Eventually the circuit took us up and across a harvested wheat field,

We had a good day with only one DNF but that was due to not being able to look properly as a boat was parked directly opposite it!

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