Bengeo Wander

As we pulled into the car park, we were met with several older, portly gentlemen all appearing to be in combat fatigues carrying rucksacks…needless to say we didn’t join them but headed off towards our first cache. Our first wildlife spot was this beautiful pair of red kites.

We then literally scrambled up a sheer ledge to find the correct path.

The day was cold and bright with lots of great nature spots.

More worrying was this signage,

But this didn’t stop the man and I finding and signing the caches we found.

There were many pretty things to see,

Including this lovely, bright pink plant which I’ve yet to identify (but I did bring some seeds home to try and grow it on).

The best moment of all though was when I lifted a piece of carpet which had been discarded in a hedgerow. I hoped to find a slow worm or snake but instead found a snug, warm next full of field mice.

After finding a few more caches we headed towards one in the middle of a field which turned out to be lone tree surrounded by a ring of flint stones.

It felt weird moving them to search for the cache but we did find it.

Heading off after this one we found some cool graffiti art.

None of which was made by The Man who was too busy searching for the caches.

The weirdest thing of all we found was a sculpture of an egg – the size of which I hope to receive at Easter next year!

We found all that we searched for, but we missed out on some difficult tree climbs but we found a fair few – which I was very happy with.

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