Reed Runaround

After our success on Sunday we again venture out (despite the poor weather) to gain a few more points towards the planetary pursuits souvenirs. This time we aimed for The Reed Runaround series plus a couple of other bonus caches close by.

This again was an interesting set of caches, all placed to be found but with a variety of containers.

We even both found trackables (unusually two geo coins) which we took to move on – thus increasing our score towards the souvenirs.

One thing I love about geocaching is that you never know what you’ll find, close by this rote we bagged a bonus ‘ghost’ cache at a nearby solar farm and nearby was this cool bee hotel provided by the power company.

We even literally found a ‘Cabin in the Woods’

Here is a picture of ‘The Man’ sportily climbing over a stile on his way to bag a cache!

Luckily we did enough to gain all our souvenirs and are now Official Space Explorers! 👩🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀

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