Barkway Bimble

To be honest with you, the weather wasn’t looking great, however due to the planetary pursuits souvenirs we had to set out regardless.

The fields were predictably muddy and almost everything was damp however we found all of the caches we looked for and this beautiful bird’s nest.

Another thing of note on the route was this bizarre animal sculpture with a real animal skull! Very Wickerman!

Despite this, we pressed on regardless and looked hard for the caches.

There were a few that earned more ‘favourite points’ from us including this ‘spider’ cache.

Here’s another,

The area was actually really lovely with running streams,

and lovely fungi like this beautiful Jew’s Ear fungus.

We finished off by doing a couple of multi-caches which required The Man to do the sums (if I’d have been doing them we’d probably still be there now) – not even joking!

Part of the reason I love geocaching is it takes you to places you would never know were around. On this occasion we found his wagon wash from the 1600s.

All in all it was a successful trip with more points gained towards the planetary pursuits souvenirs.

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