Fictional Detectives series – Gumley, Debdale, Foxton & Laughton.

I love a good detective story and I’m at my second most happiest (obviously caching comes first 😉) watching a good Police /detective drama on TV, so I was delighted to spot this fictional detective series whilst staying in the area.

We drove to Gumley and luckily parked close by to cache number two. We headed off down a lane and bagged our first cache of the day spotting these lovely, yellow Welsh poppies on the way.

Along this lane we met some very inquisitive, nosey and noisy sheep who bleated loudly and cane over to see what we were up to.

After heading across some fields, we joined the canal and bagged a couple more caches (picking up a couple of travel bugs too) before we returned to a wooded area.

By this time, we were close to Foxton Locks and we decided to stop for a cup of coffee (in my case) and tea for The Man.

We again found a variety of plants and wildlife en route.

Eventually we returned to the car spotting these cool statues guarding a gateway.

By this time the heavens had opened 🌧 and we were soaked, so we drove back to our hotel grabbing a few caches en route that we could park close by to. But all in all a fabulous days caching.

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