Butterfly Series – Tur Langton

Today was the last day of our weekend in Market Harborough and we wanted to do some more caching. We had spotted the Butterfly series and set off to complete it.

After our first success (a Multi cache) we were in high spirits and set off across the field. This was not an easy find. The GPS had us looking at the wrong tree and it took some time and some climbing over barbed wire and negotiating mud and cow manure to retrieve it – not pleasant but we got there in the end!

The next cache was across a field full of pink flowers – beautiful.

The next few caches were very damp and the nettles had grown so high that it was VERY unpleasant trying to retrieve them. Luckily coffee and a snack raised our spirits.

We saw a variety of wildlife on this walk.

But in the end the thorns and nettles got the better of us and we decided to cut the series short and we headed to a nearby tearoom.

Then we headed back to Foxton Locks to find the multi cache we’d failed to find the day before. I’m pleased to say we found it!

Then we headed to Geddington to see the Elenor Cross and The local church.

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