Old Coach Road & Cole Green (add on)

The day started with this cute signage (which I’d never seen before…

… then we headed off to the first cache.

Whilst out caching the Cole Green Add-ons we saw a barn owl quartering in full sunlight. This is the best photo I could get! 😂🦉

We also managed to complete a nice puzzle cache with this little guy as our helper.

After completing The Coal Green Add- ons, we stopped for a quick drink at The Cowper Arms. The only cache we didn’t find today was the one closest to the pub! (but a cacher after us also didn’t find it so I think it’s gone AWOL)

We then headed off to complete The Old Coach Road. All these caches were found so here is a picture of The Man doing his thing!

We saw some cool little bugs like this ladybird…

…and this little Oak Bush Cricket who obligingly day still for a couple of photographs.

So apart from the DNF we now have a nice line of smiley faces.

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