Bugs Wander – Secombe

As there were new souvenirs to find (the hidden creatures event) we headed out in the heat and the bright and glorious sunshine.

We parked at the nearby church (having had a look at both the interior of the church and the graveyard and headed out.

The first cache was the church micro which we found no problem. Our real circuit however was The Bugs Wander which consisted of a circuit of 23 bug themed caches (some of which are shown below).

Along the route we found the usual beautiful flora and fauna of the UK.

I guess that is part of the attraction of caching for me. You get a long walk in the countryside where your caching instincts are tested (using the old grey matter 🧠) plus all your senses are stimulated by the nature you experience.

You also find random spots and pathways that you never would have gone to if it wasn’t for caching.

The Man found several of the caches.

We also found two travel bugs…

…and even met two fellow catchers who were doing the same circuit as us.

After competing the circuit we headed off to do a lone cache at Tonwell (a drive by cache and dash).

We then celebrated our finds with a quick pint at nearby pub in Chapmore End.

It’s amazing when you realise that the nearby field of barley will one day be transformed into beer!

We called it quits and decided to head for home but then realised we were only five points away from the next ‘hidden creature’ souvenir, so we drove to Bengeo where we noticed a line of five caches along a road. These were soon in hand – so the next souvenir was gained! Plus we discovered more cool insects.

This was great circuit and a really fantastic walk. We will defiantly be coming back to see how the area changes with the seasons. But here is an update of souvenirs.

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