Bullwell, Nottingham

We had spotted these caches the previous day and had them ear- marked them for a days caching.

We started the day by getting the tram to the local station and then walking the short distance to the first cache. The GPS was a little out for us so initially we couldn’t find the first one and went on to do the second. There were two paths here an upper one and a lower one and because of the GPS issues it was very hard to decided which was the correct path. But with perseverance and much searching (and much climbing between the two pathways) we eventually found the first two caches.

All of the caches had been placed with much care and great thought had gone into all of them. No two caches were the same and the clues were quite cryptic in places so it was a challenging but enjoyable circuit. One of the caches I actually had had in my hands twice (I really thought I had studied it but clearly I hadn’t) as when The Man looked at it, he found it straight away! How irritating!

After finding a few more we popped into a local Tesco’s for a ‘comfort break’ where we saw the most polite sign aimed at shop lifters!

We then headed back out to do some more caching and stumbled across this weird object. Very odd!

After this bizarre find we continued onwards. One of the next caches had us stumped for ages. We’d looked back at previous logs, taken and tried to match our photographs with previous catchers and searched everywhere. Eventually we found the cache more by luck as I thought I had spotted a pupae casing on a bit of wood! It turned out (luckily for us) to be the cache.

One cache we didn’t hope to find had several DNFs in its log so when we got the the GZ we weren’t hopeful, but luckily I spotted it fairly quickly (mainly as I noticed it was a different type of wood from the others nearby).

This was a great circuit with (unfortunately for us) three DNFs but I’m sure we’ll be back very soon!

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