The Joint Dashes – Hertfordshire

After our success in Buckland we drove to Barkway to complete a multi-cache (based on a milestone) we had failed to find previously. This time it was no issue, ‘The Man’ did the Maths and, after a short walk, we found it virtually straight away.

After another short drive, we were at The Barkway Pathway cache – again we found it no problem.

We the headed on to do the ‘Joint Dashes Caches’, which were spaced out along a road, but with nowhere to leave the car, we had to drive along and just pull over next the cache location.

One of our stops was near a (dis-used?) Ministry of a Defence (air) base which had a huge mast nearby and scary signage. Cache located, we headed onwards.

There were stunning views in this location and the sun was now fully out, casting shadows.

We found some stunning wildflowers round this area.

We then headed to Reed to complete a couple of caches we’d been unable to find last time we were there due to a cricket match and here we meet this gorgeous, friendly cat.

Again we found all the caches we searched, which explains why ‘The Man’ looks so happy.

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