Our first cache today was a ‘drive by’ at the local war memorial.

After this we headed into Walkern itself and managed to park on the high street, we were then able to take a foot path towards our next cache.

The cache were simple containers, hidden to be found and so people could focus on the walk and the views (mainly over local farmland and woodland).

This year seems to have been great for fungi as they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Of of the caches we found had a DNF so it was particularly satisfying when we got our hands on it.

After climbing up a steep field and by-passing a wooded area, we stopped for tea and geo snacks before pressing onwards. In the undergrowth under a few trees we spotted this little cross.

Plus some more fungi.

And wild flowers,

This was a lovely walk and a descent circuit – all of which we found.

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