Buckland Boomerang

“I wonder if we’ll see any wildlife today” said The Man as we drove towards our caching location of Buckland. He needn’t have pondered this because, as usual on our little caching adventures, we saw plenty.

We briefly pulled into a passing place to check how near we were to our first cache only to discover, we were right next to it. So out we got and we were off.

The day was crisp and misty; a proper autumnal morning.

The early morning dew festooned every spider’s web.

We started walking and heard, then saw, a flick of bright yellowhammers singing whilst feeding on the ground and on the low bushes at the edge of a field. As we were watching these, we also noticed a young deer poke her head out of the bushes at the edge of the field, she came running out followed by some younger deer and a young stag. They stopped and stared at us for a while then ran off, hotly pursued by another young stag and his family group who had followed them through the hedge.

We continued on our route and it took us into a small copse of tress where we stumbled upon this delightful cache.

Which ‘The Man’ dealt with fearlessly.

Next we walked along this beautiful lane which looked like it would eventually become a holloway.

Here, in the undergrowth, whilst searching for a cache, we spotted these cute fungi,

At the end of this lane we also found my favourite cache of the day, a hanger cache 😂

As we neared the end of this circuit we decided we wanted to do some more caching so we decided to head to nearby Barkway.

We found all of the Buckland Boomerang caches.

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