Caching in Porto.

We arrived in Porto during Halloween – one of my favourite times of year and I was pleasantly surprised at just how many Halloween decorations I saw; there were carved pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls.  The best of these were to be found in the Letraria Craft Beer Garden (it can be found in the Rua da Alegria, 101).


Our caching adventures however started early one morning, after breakfast when we re-visited a cache we had attempted previously but had failed to find due to high numbers of tourist traffic.  It was nearby to many of the port caves and very close to a very imaginative piece of artwork which attracts much attention – but this time the Geocaching Gods were on our side and it was quickly logged and replaced.


After this initial success we attempted a few more caches which were along the Gaia side.  One was very clever with a different style of mechanism which was incredibly hard to detect and open but we got there in the end.


We followed up on our successes by having a sneaky glass if port and an artisan cheese board before doing a spot of sight seeing.


The next day we again decided to mix up some caching with a walk around the local area.   We started off by finding a cache near to a church which had a pentagram carved above the door, we passed the very-quaint, old style trams and this amazing graffiti of a peacock.


When we reached the park we saw real peacocks which looked even more beautiful than the street art.  It was in the park that we also found the largest logbook I have ever signed – favourite point given here!


I also watched in amazement as hornets collected pollen from a nearby tree – only to discover later, when I looked them up, that they were I fact very aggressive Asian Hornets!


It was then time for some more port tastings (it would be wrong not to try to local food and drink)…


…before enjoying the sunset.



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