North Mymms, Hertfordshire

We only felt like a short walk today as it was very cold, so we settled in a circuit in North Mymms, Hertfordshire.

We started by St. Mary’s Church trying to find the required information for a couple of puzzle caches. We got the information fairly rapidly but were so cold we had to return to the car to do the required maths work.

The first cache was found very rapidly and so we were flushed with success however during the walk we had two very annoying ‘did not finds’ 😡.

We did find some great fungi like this ‘witches butter’ also known as yellow brain fungus.

As we finished our walk we popped into the local St. Mary’s church (which luckily had its heating on) where we saw these very cool tombs. The first was made of alabaster.

We finished and returned to the car for a hot cup of tea and the very last of the Christmas food.

All in all it was a nice (but very cold) walk – the two annoying DNF


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