Yaxley Yum Yum, Peterborough.

We parked beside this lovely church and quickly grabbed the church micro before heading off down the road.

After completing an urban cache (which was in full sight of a house) we headed off down a path which was much more secluded. Here we grabbed a variety of caches.

It was at this point the sky started to darken so we quickly headed across the fields – the next set of caches were all on small bridges across the drainage channels of The Fens.

We saw a variety of signs that spring is in full swing; plants are budding…

…and we even saw several hares, including some boxing.

At this point it really darkened over,

Then it really started to rain; we had no choice but to continue walking! Luckily the rain cloud soon passed and we were able to dry off in the sun.

After completing two puzzle caches (The Man did the maths) we exited a lane, crossed a road and found a small Premier Inn – so we went in for a cup of coffee.

After walking some more we found ourselves back in Yaxley, (where we had started) and were very pleased to discover how many finds were had achieved.

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