Butterflies series, Tur Langton

The final day’s weather was cold but essentially fine so we decided to head out a complete a series we had started, but had failed to compete a while back.

After parking at the village hall in Tur Langton, we started to walk along the road and then across the fields to our first cache. The excessive rain overnight had made the fields very muddy so in places it was hard work but the views more than made up for it.

We made good progress and found most of the caches we looked for.

My favourite find of the day was the zombie cache.

And I also discovered outbuildings similar to those from a recently observed episode of Hannibal.

On the way back from this series we decided to clear up a few nearby random caches and a few DNF from The Foxton Frolics – which we found no problem!

On the way home we also stopped by some Civil War memorials, with very scary signage.

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