Central London

I’m still desperately trying to complete enough caches in time to collect all the Carnival souvenirs, so since I was heading up to London to meet a friend, I headed for a couple of caches with lots of favourite points to up my point score.

First up was a cache in Trafalgar Square which boasted 1973 favourite points (at time of discovery). After completing a tour of the square and checking out the forth plinth…

…i had an initial search for the cache. There were many people around and initially I was on the wrong level, but once at the right altitude the location was soon spotted, retrieved, signed and replaced.

After my success, I realised I had time to quickly find another cache with a high score before I had to head to Angel, so, after a short, brisk walk to Covent I completed a multi-cache which was again very well hidden.

After retrieving the necessary information from the plaque I retreated to a nearby Pret to calculate the figures (using all my fingers and toes) and soon the cache was located, signed and replaced.

I then headed off to meet my friend for a gin & tonic, then ice cream,then a night at the theatre.

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