Harry Potter – Puzzle series: Strethall

We’ve been trying to get enough cache points to earn all the ‘Cache Carnival’ souvenirs and the easiest way to do this was to find some caches with fifty plus favourite points. When I spotted that this series were also puzzle caches, I made it my mission to complete the puzzles. Cue me looking confused and scribbling on endless bits of paper at work…

After utilising all my brain power, I’d managed to solve six out of seven of the puzzles. I was stuck on a maze puzzle and just couldn’t solve it no matter how many times I’d looked at it, but after leaving it in the capable hands of The Man, it was soon solved (although admittedly it took him a while too). It wasn’t even that difficult but it is strange that when you focus on something for too long you often can’t see the wood for the trees. So when the weather looked as though it would be fine for the whole day, off we set with the flask and the geo-snacks.

After parking close by the second cache of the series,we headed off to look for it, but we has no luck! We looked and looked but had to admit defeat and so we walked down a very pleasant hollow alleyway to the first cache.

This was the Philosopher’s Stone cache and it was in a very appropriate container.

After doubling back and re-looking for cache number one, we were again unsuccessful and so headed for number three.

This cache was spotted from the path and was agin in a very cool and appropriate container.

As we approached the next cache we realised that we were passing a chapel so looked to see if there was a church micro- cache, and there there was!

We also spotted a noisy rookery here too.

The next cache was a cute dragon followed by a very cool skull cache.

The next cache was my favourite – The Goblet of Fire – which again was soon in hand.

The day was also full of cool nature spots, like this bumble bee with her proboscis out,

A very delicate bird skull,

A tawny mining bee which I rescued out of a deep puddle,

Once I’d managed to get her out of the water, I put her on a stick to dry off, once she’d recovered she spent some time cleaning off her antenna which was very cute to see.

We then returned back to puzzle one – but third time unlucky! We had to admit defeat and so headed homeward bound.

On the way home we did a couple of drive by caches. Including one at a permanent sheep dip!

One near a toad crossing point,

And a couple of church micros.

Despite the one DNF it was a nice day and a nice walk. The cache has been added to our watch lists and if it proves to still be there, we will head back.

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