Litlington Logistics, Cambridgeshire

The Man had spotted this circuit a while back and since the weather forecast was for bright, sunny weather we had planned a day of geocaching. So with our backpacks packed with coffee, tea and snacks, we headed off on our adventure.

After parking in a nearby road we headed down a wide track to the first location and the cache was soon spotted, logged and replaced. This first cache was near to a display board which mentioned the nearby clunch pit (a small quarry where local people could dig and mine out their own clunch – a chalky material used for building. This was interesting but on the same board was information which interested me even more. Very close by was an area know as ‘Heavens Walls’ an area which had been unearthed in 1821 when some local men had discovered a rectangular space lined with flint rock and Roman walls which enclosed 200 urns and funeral vessels – a skeleton had also been found with a coin between its teeth. Apparently (and not surprisingly) the area was treated with equal awe and dread and local people didn’t go near or by after dark for fear of meeting unearthly or supernatural beings.

After reading the board we headed up a wide lane which contained many cowslip plants.

All the caches had all been placed to be found so most were an easy spot.

Since the sun was shining brightly many butterflies were on the wing and although they are constantly on the move, I did manage to photograph a few, like this Tortoiseshell…

And this Brimstone,

A couple of the caches were very neat, like this lizard cache,

This bee cache,

And this multi insect cache,

I also loved this ‘grass’ covered cache,

I also spotted what I think is a Morele mushroom,

And even managed to photograph two hover-flies mating,

The ladybirds were also out in force,

The walk in total was about 7.74 miles but what with the views and fun caches it passed in no time.

We had a few DNFs which is always disappointing but the walk itself was very enjoyable.

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