Caching in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had personally gained the Denmark souvenir in June 2017, by finding one cache whilst on a girls’ holiday in Århus. In reality ‘finding’ may be too strong a word: I was hopelessly searching (whilst my muggle sister stood alongside me – arms folded) when a friendly Danish lady rushed out from the bar on the road opposite and said ‘it’s here’ and handed it to me 🤦🏼‍♀️ – embarrassing)! However, ‘The Man’ had not gained his souvenir and since this holiday to Copenhagen also coincided with the Cache Carnival souvenir promotion, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Day one saw blue skies and a quick visit to a nearby park. where I spotted an ugly duckling.

We also managed to bag a quick cache by a statue of the man himself, Hans Christian Anderson.

Day two saw us grab a quick cache prior to a canal boat tour. It was close to a piece of underwater artwork which depicted a mermaid and her children.

The tour itself took us all around the canals and we got to orientate ourselves around the city.

We also managed to grab a few random caches around the town.

Including one physical cache which was very close to the famous Little Mermaid statue.

The cache itself was quite large considering the very busy location but it was no problem for us.

There was also a virtual cache nearby so we accepted the challenge.

We also spent a day in The Tivoli Gardens, which was beautifully landscaped and full of scary rides.

I also spotted a duck with her cute, little ducklings.

It was so much fun in the park that, after a short break in a nearby bar, we popped back in again after dark and stayed until closing time.

The next day we took a train to a nearby aquarium (Den Blå Planet) where we had a full day and we manage to ‘bag’ a cache here too.

The following day, after grabbing a quick cache under a bridge…

…We also paid a visit to Freetown Christiania.

That evening before dinner we grabbed a quick couple of caches in the local train station.

I absolutely loved Copenhagen and will definitely go back there.

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