Eversden Extravaganza, Cambridgeshire

After completing a few geo puzzles last night and checking the weather forecast, we planned a short route round the caches in Eversden.

We parked very close to the first cache, (signed and replaced it), then headed down a footpath.

The weather was lovely and warm and the route encompassed open fields, green pathways and a small amount of woodland

Due to the warm weather, the insects were very active today. I spotted this bee,

…and this caterpillar, which I believe is a comma caterpillar (they resemble bird droppings as protection).

I also spotted some maple leaves covered with maple mite galls.

I also spotted this female, flower beetle on a wild rose.

And I spotted several species of bees.

…and this unusual flying insect (which I’ve yet to identify).

We then headed back towards Eversden.

We had two DNFs today which was very disappointing but the walk was very enjoyable.

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