Kitzbüeheler Horn, Austria.

Today’s caching adventure was a little more extreme. After a short bus ride to Kitzbühel we rode the cable car up to the first station then had to wait for the second car to fill up. Once it was full, we ascended to the top of the Kitzbüeheler Horn, a full 1,996 meters!

At the top we climbed to the highest point and had a look all around then The Man’ insisted on having his photo taken by a statue of a cute dog…

…we started our decent.

The first cache we attempted (we avoided the first one at the very top which required literally ‘going over the top’ and specialist equipment) was found quickly enough.

it was quite scary negotiating some of the paths as they were very narrow and full of scree with sheer drops over the side of the mountain.

The photo below shows ‘The Man’ being watched by a sure-footed mountain goat, who wondered why we were making such a meal of getting to this one.

The next cache we attempted was also quickly found. Then after descending some more, we found a third cache which was quickly located by ‘The Man’ despite the numerous muggle walkers passing by.

This one was ‘The Man’s’ 3,000th cache so we took a few celebratory photographs to mark the occasion.

‘The Man’ seemed very acclimatised to themountain terrain, he was up and down to the caches in no time and appeared to be totally fearless!

As a reward for our successful caching, we went to the restaurant and enjoyed a portion of apple strudel and a hot drink.

At this point we decided to call it a day and head for home. We took a cable car down to the bottom and I managed to take a photograph of the second cable car we rode in. It looks very tiny and quite scary from this distance.

We found all the caches we looked for but will be back to attempt the others.

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