Hintersteiner See, Austria

After a bus ride from St. Johann, we met my muggle sister in Schaffau (Hello Louise 🤗) and after another short mini-bus ride, up a very steep incline, we found ourselves at Hintersteiner See.

The whole area was extremely picturesque and on this occasion we bagged a couple of caches but we decided to go back to complete the mini circuit at a later date (without the muggles).

On our return to the area the first cache was quickly found by Hertfordshireboy whilst I was looking elsewhere.

The second one was also quickly found.

The third cache however took forever to find and by this time it had started to rain. The clue was ‘between the rocks’ but there was a huge rocky outcrop and the cache provided highly elusive. It was only as I was about to give up and suggest that we move on, that I literally stumbled upon it. It was signed, logged and replaced and we moved on.

The next cache sequentially was very cool and blended in well: it was a small pine tree.

Throughout the wooded area, the sunlight through the trees look amazing,and there was much wildlife to see…

Plus some very cute, domesticated pigs.

There were also some very well hidden caches, including this one in a tree.

At this point we decided to stop at a restaurant to seek refreshments and it was a good job we stopped when we did as the weather went from this…

…to this…

…In a matter of minutes. Luckily we were already undercover as the heavens opened. Then, as quickly as it had started, it brightened up again.

Continuing onwards, we found all the caches we looked for with little difficulty.

and we got back to the mini-bus just as the rain started again – Another great circuit completed.

On the first occasion here, we also found a cache at the hut in Walleralm.

Where we enjoyed a couple of beers and it was actually my sister who spotted the geocache -she loves caching really. 💕

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