Orwell, Cambridgeshire

After parking up in Orwell, we walked a short distance to grab a church micro which was hidden down this very delightful pathway.

The cache was soon found, and after a short walk past a black mulberry tree,

and a community orchard,

We were back on our official route where I spotted this unusual round and almost pearl-like fungus on a tree.

On the route we had selected – all the caches had been hidden to be found and came pretty thick and fast.

Eventually though we stopped for a ‘cup of drink’ (not sure how this came about but it is what we call a tea break – ‘The Man’ has tea, I have coffee) and some geo snacks – you’ve got to keep your energy up whilst caching.

The moths and butterflies were out in full force, including this, rather bedraggled, Red Admiral.

I even had a hitchhiker- when this dragonfly flew onto my shoulder for a ride.

We then had to cross a corn field (obviously via a footpath) but had time to recreate famous horror movies such as ‘Children of the Corn’.

After walking some more we came across this piece of artwork – a millennium sphere.

Noting the bench, I stayed to make tea, whilst the man went to search for another cache (which unfortunately was a DNF) however I had managed to bag one whilst he was away looking!

Whilst here however we spotted several brown hares – who luckily, where unaware of our existence, as we where down wind and hidden behind a tree.

It was great to spot them so close and boy do they run fast! Up to 45km an hour.

After heading back to the car we decided to grab a couple of previous DNFs which had been recently replaced by the CO – whilst at the site of one of these – The Man spotted that a new puzzle cache (a jigsaw) had been out in place since our last visit. I stayed in the car and completed it on his iPad whilst he went to grab the previous DNF.

We then drove to a couple of previously solved puzzle caches and grabbed these.

We cleared a fair few today and our map or the Orwell area is not looking too bad!

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