Southend on Sea, Essex

We had decided the day before, to have a day by the coast so we left early and headed off and we were parked and eating breakfast by 8am. A quick stroll along the seafront started our day.

We then headed up through the main town to search for some caches.

First up was a church micro cache near the beautiful church of St. Mary’s in Prittlewell. The church was totally stunning with the most amazing stained glass windows and ceiling.

After this we headed towards the local ‘Priory Park’ to see if we could find a few caches that had been hidden there. First up was a puzzle cache based on the band stand. ‘The Man’ has this solved in no time and the cache was soon in our hands.

After this we headed to one corner to find a standard cache (which to be honest took a lot longer than it should have).

Next we took a short walk across the road to see the grave of ‘The Prittlewell Prince’ and to attempt the nearby associated cache.

This was quickly found,

so we headed back to the main park to complete the last few caches.

One was a dreaded ‘fake ivy’ cache which was very well hidden,

…by a beautiful fishing lake.

The last of the park caches was quickly found by me,

…so we headed out of the park and back down towards the main town, as we wanted to pop into the Southend Museum to see the actual grave goods of the Prittlewell Prince.

There was even some Roman ‘dressing up’ for the young and the ‘young at heart’.

We then headed to the local library to complete a puzzle cache – which we eventually found after re- reading the cache description.

We decided to stay late to watch the sun go down so we had fish a chips, out of the paper (the only real way to have it) on the beach front.

Then we headed home, safe in the knowledge that we had ticked few more off our caching lists.

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